Letter Legal Page Separator Fast. Secure. Free.

Sort a PDF document containing mixed letter and legal pages into two separate piles - one for letter, one for legal.

Just drop your file in and click "Separate my PDF". We never keep your file.

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256 MB file size maximum. Allowed file types: pdf.

A free product from Or Equals

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Frequently asked questions

Is this secure? What happens to my file?

We generate the separated PDF's for you and make them available for download. Your data is never saved on our servers. This project is completely open source. You can check out the code here.

Why is this free?

I (Joshua Plicque at Or Equals) built software for the legal field for about four years. I made this to help out a friend. It was fun!

I have a suggestion or another question!

I'd love to hear it! Reach out to me at josh@orequals.com